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A personal invitation to the Changing Rooms Musical: 'Girly girls and sexy bitches running the world through a pink mirror and a neon knife, dreaming about things that I understand.' You don't have to buy a ticket, you don't have to ask. Whether you can come or not, I will kidnap you into my dreams. During breaks the doors will remain locked. Don't bring any drinks, because I want your dry throat. Adapted and arranged by Simona Koutna @simcardkid As part of the programme @nachtvandemode & @fdfarnhem. Please join me on Tuesday – June 4th, 8 pm, at Merel de Mode, Koolstraat 21-9, 6822 BA Arnhem. With thanks to the host, Merel de Mode & model Mariana Lõbao @minxlinx.

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